Ryoko Nagata

Chernomaz, LCSW

チェルノマス 永田 涼子

CA License #: 25235

Hi, I’m Ryoko.

Since I was very young, I knew I was going to be a helping professional.

I have a passion for healing people’s trauma stemming from experiences, such as deep-rooted family issues, racial or sexual discrimination, bullying, work-related harassment, and violence. I am also interested in working with people who have uncontrollable anger issues.

There’s good news. The field of psychology has changed a lot since the Freud era – and is still evolving every day. In recent years, there have been new and very effective treatments that are available for trauma survivors. They are focused more on biology, brain function, and the subconscious part of the human psyche. I am hopeful that you will find a way to alleviate your pain in the field somewhere between science and psychology.



実際、どのようにして心の問題を解決していくのか ー その鍵は、近年劇的な変化を遂げた心理学の世界にあります。医学の世界と同じように、心理療法は日々進化しています。現代には、フロイトの時代には存在しなかった、様々なアプローチ法があります。きっと、あなた自身も、自分に合ったやり方を見つけることができると信じています。

Education & Training

MSW: The Ohio State University (USA) Concentration – Mental Health

BA: Osaka University of Foreign Studies (Japan) Major – African Studies

Certified EMDR therapist (2022)