Codependency issue – What is it and how to solve it?

Codependency issue is a complicated and rather difficult one to solve. It negatively affects your life and the lives of people around you. I have worked with many individuals over the years, including people with codependency issues, and I noticed something about them. I believe the typical behavior of codependent people is “blaming others” aboutContinue reading “Codependency issue – What is it and how to solve it?”

Systematic racism vs. systematic sexism – What is the difference in various places in the world?

I recently watched a YouTube video in which a number of black people were interviewed about the reasons why they moved to Asian countries, including Japan. The point of the video was to convey the message that all of the interviewees responded that the main reason they moved to Asian countries and continued to stayContinue reading “Systematic racism vs. systematic sexism – What is the difference in various places in the world?”

Emotional manipulation vs. emotional regulation

The other day, I came across a talk about good coaching vs. bad coaching in sports. Two coaches who were discussing had coached national-level players, and they both had some experience coaching overseas as well. Thus, they could compare different coaching styles in other parts of the world. By listening to this talk, I learnedContinue reading “Emotional manipulation vs. emotional regulation”

EMDR therapy is like chiropractic for mental health

Many people with anxiety or depression seem to try to control the symptoms rather than the core issues. In some cases, people are afraid of facing the root cause of their problems, but I notice that a lot of people have not realized that most of their symptoms have origins – such as specific traumaticContinue reading “EMDR therapy is like chiropractic for mental health”

How to have a good relationship with food

As many of you are aware, it can be challenging to have a satisfying long-term relationship with food. In our lifetime, it is normal to have a period when we overeat or undereat. Even if you are never diagnosed with an eating disorder, you may have had a time you could not stop eating despiteContinue reading “How to have a good relationship with food”

What is your role in the family? – Sports analogy

Have you ever heard of the term “Common roles in an addicted family household”? According to Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, the founding Chairperson of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics, there are 6 common roles in an addicted (or dysfunctional) family. You can read about it in detail on American Addiction Centers website, but I willContinue reading “What is your role in the family? – Sports analogy”