Tele-Therapy (Online Therapy)

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Currently I offer tele-therapy services to adults who live in California through secure video conferencing.

Tele-therapy is very convenient as you don’t have to deal with the traffic and parking, plus you don’t need to worry about wasting time to travel to/from the office. All you need to do is to prepare for a reliable internet connection and a device (PC is preferable, but iPad, tablet, or cell phone works just fine as well) in a private space. More and more research is finding the effectiveness of online therapy, but you may be surprised how easy and effective the online therapy is when you experience it yourself.




Therapy module

I am an EMDR therapist and EMDR is the main therapy approach I use. I have learned SFBT (solution-focused brief therapy), CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), IFS (internal family systems therapy), and psychodynamic therapy approaches, and use them as foundations of my style and as techniques time to time. However, I proceed my therapy mainly based on the EMDR protocol. I am a kind of therapist who theorizes that most (if not all) psychological issues are stemmed from the early trauma whether you are aware of it or not. Sometimes, the trauma is based on misunderstandings and you may have forgotten about the original memory that has caused the disturbance. With EMDR, you may be able to find the roots of your problems fairly quickly compared to the time spent in traditional talk therapy.

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